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About Mark Zerbach:

Mark graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology in 1980 and began work as a structural design engineer at Boeing, though the majority of his time was spent in leadership roles. Mark spent over 20 years working on lean practices and served as the Lean leader for Renton Engineering.

Even before value-stream mapping materials were available for an office environment, Boeing had a need for them, so Mark developed a course and the training materials to go with it.

Mark also found a passion for developing leaders and helping them change the culture of their organizations. He has created his own leadership materials and was instrumental in developing his organization’s vision and strategic plans. Mark was called on to use his leadership development program at organizations such as Boeing, Group Health, Orenco Systems, Carrot, North River Boats, and Children’s Hospital. Their improvements in leadership resulted in substantial, quantitative changes including increased output, reduced flow, better quality, reduced expenses, and improved morale.

On a personal level, Mark has no interest in his status or receiving recognition. His interest is in improving people’s lives and releasing their potential. He loves using data and a laser focus to find solutions to a problem. Mark doesn’t just provide a plan; he gets personally invested in the implementation of the plan.

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Jeff Ball

Jeff Ball

Sr. VP at Orenco Systems

Mark dramatically influenced our culture by teaching us how to develop leaders throughout our organization

Bill Cagle

Bill Cagle

Business Development Manager At Orenco Systems

“Mark immediately established trust with staff and wove himself into the fabric of our operations. This one attribute is what sets Mark apart from all other consultants.

Trevor Mauch

Trevor Mauch

CEO at Carrot

“Over the first 12 months working with Mark, we grew our team by 70%, I removed myself
as the bottleneck, I was able to work fewer hours, and we grew faster with far less stress.”

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