The path to being a great leader isn't easy

But the right tools and trainings make it easier

  • 32 years at Boeing
  • Lean certified
  • Developed multiple trainings

Leadership Development

Leaders change the lives of those whom come into contact with and then those people change the bottom line of the company they work for. Leaders tend to be smart and very busy, so how can we help them? The first challenge is to carve out some time. The next challenge is adding valuable content, so they can immediately apply what they are learning and see the results.

Lean Training In The Office

Whether you are changing your office or just need to improve your quality and throughput lean is the right tool for you to use. The trick with using lean or any other improvement tools is learning how to go from doing lean to becoming lean. Once you have become lean – it is an integral part of your culture and people do it because that is how they operate.

Vision Development and Implementation

There are already sets of rules and expectations of what is considered normal behavior in your office now. Your current procedures and processes are set to maintain business as usual for good reasons. People come around these and settle in doing what the company has told them is acceptable. This got you to where you are. If this needs to change then you have to come up with a compelling reason why you are going to disrupt their lives.

Other Areas Of Focus

A few other ways I can help your business is with strategy development and implementation. I can help develop a war room and show you how this room will change your culture. I can also assist with structuring effective meetings – Optimized to help employees get their jobs done. Other areas I have been effective in are high performance teams, empowerment and communication plans.