About Mark Zerbach

My reason for starting Zerbach Consulting LLC was to help develop leaders who in turn can develop and engage their employees, thus reaching their business goals.


To provide leadership coaching and training materials to individuals and organizations.


To connect with leaders and developing leaders, providing a support system, coaching and training that will allow them to transform lives in a positive way and make their business successful.


  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Add value to lives
  • Unique tailored training

Mark-ZerbachMark Zerbach graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology with a Civil Engineering Degree in 1980 and went to work for The Boeing Commercial Airplane Company in Seattle, Washington as a structural design engineer. During his 32-year career at Boeing he spent a majority of his time acting in a leadership role. His office worked with major airlines, suppliers and vendors from all around the world and supported the production line and all new development programs. They had a lot of different types of work coming at them at any given time and everything was a high priority. It was in this type of an environment that we developed a lean culture.

Mark spent over 20 years working on Lean practices and was certified in many aspects of Lean. He was the lean leader for all Renton Engineering and was responsible for integrating lean into the organizations (approximately 1,000 engineers). Even before value stream mapping materials were available for an office environment, Boeing had a need for it so Mark developed a course and the training material to go with it. One thing that made it different from other course material was the hands-on learning – you bring a value stream from your area to the class and he taught you the mapping techniques for your value stream. When you went back to work you had your first AIWs identified and management buy-in to get started.

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In addition to Lean, Mark found his passion was in developing leaders and helping them change the culture of their organization. He worked with both VPs and Directors on leadership growth and built his own leadership materials. Mark was instrumental in developing his organization’s vision and strategic plans. At its peak, 80% of the 300+ engineers in the office were volunteering for teams to do things like re-define their primary role in the Boeing Company. He helped develop new processes that enabled the workers to do all their expected work more efficiently. This work resulting in reducing the organizational size by 60%, increased output by 60%, reduced flow by 30% and saved the company more money than
they spent on that office. Toyota reviewed this office’s lean progress and commented to the Vice President that this area was ahead of Toyota in lean processes for an office environment. Mark
personally consulted with Group Health and Children’s’ Hospital helping them map future direction in their journey.Lean was definitely a tool we used, but having a leader in place, with a vision, and the strategic processes to follow during the journey were the pieces that allowed them to complete so much. Mark was fortunate to come into this organization specifically to help work on the vision and its implementation. Mark has taken his past experience and the materials he developed and packaged it to help you and your organization.