Career Highlights

  • 32 years at The Boeing Company
  • 12 years serving on Church boards in key roles to support change
  • Structural Engineer (Design, Stress Analysis, Durability)
  • Manager – 6 years – managing a diverse skill set and multitude of projects
  • Lean Leader for Commercial Airplanes Engineering (1 year)
  • Vision Work for Director of Engineering (2 years)
  • Leader/Manager/Engineer on a major breakthrough in manufacturing
  • Lean Training and actual practice 20+ years

  • Lean Certified – Boeing
  • Trained and certified in lean, by Shingjutsu Company while in Japan
  • Numerous visits to Wichita, Kansas to review the lean journey at the Boeing Manufacturing plant. Acted as a consultant for them.
  • Lean Leader for all engineering in Renton Plant (about 1,000 engineers and their managers)
  • Worked with Director of Engineering to develop a lean engineering office in Renton that set the standard for lean in Boeing
  • Developed and taught a Value Stream Mapping Course for the office
  • Ran numerous Accelerated Improvement Workshops
  • Taught many modules in Boeing’s Lean Academies
  • Developed “Bite size Lean Training” for group meetings
  • Oversaw an organization of 300+ engineers during their transition towards being lean
  • Acted as a consultant for groups inside Group Health and Children’s Hospital

  • Vision / Cultural training and practice – 20+ years
  • Directly supported Director of Engineering in Vision and Strategy development and was on the floor helping 300+ engineers implement the vision.
  • Direct support to VP of Engineering and the VP of Manufacturing for all BCAC in strategic Vision
  • Worked with Dick Axelrod on internal office development.
  • Worked with Internal consultants to develop and train office in material developed from Will Schutz’s book “The Human Element”.
  • Developed and maintained an internal website with leadership material he developed.
  • Developed and ran a job fair to attract volunteers to sign up for improvement teams in our
  • Developed a War room concept to strategically control all resource activities and reinforce the
  • Helped to develop numerous training courses on cultural change and how to implement change.
  • Developed meeting structure in our office for all the meetings they attended.
  • Developed technical design guides that captured the design requirements for specific airplane structure, which allowed the movement of engineers to tasks needing attention.
  • Developed team building material to help teams work together and be successful.
  • Taught VP and Directors of Engineering Leadership tactics.
  • Taught and mentored 35+ new engineers the concepts of being a good leader.
  • Worked with different church leaderships on developing a vision and cultural change and lead teams within these organizations.
  • Developed a volunteering ministry model – basing it on helping people to find their gifts and supporting them in using these. This is different than the church needs a fence painted and you are the next person to walk in the door.
  • Worked with various companies consulting on Lean and Cultural change
  • Numerous internal organizations within Boeing

Training Materials:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Vision development and implementation
  3. Strategic Implementation
  4. Communication
  5. Engagement
  6. Lean in an office environment
  7. Value Stream Mapping
  8. 5S in the office