Leadership Development

guy-writingLeaders change the lives of those whom come into contact with and then those people change the bottom line of the company they work for. Leaders tend to be smart and very busy, so how can we help them? The first challenge is to carve out some time. The next challenge is adding valuable content, so they can immediately apply what they are learning and see the results. I believe this takes more of a coaching style then it does teaching or consulting. Work with them to understand their hurdles and what they are trying to accomplish. Develop a plan that will assist with this and work with them to implement it. Watch the results, determine the next steps and keep going.

First a leader needs to understand themselves and the difference between managing and leading. What is their motivation? What do they want to achieve? Are they worthy of being followed?

Is the organization operating satisfactorily for today’s needs? How about the future needs?

Most organizations need to be re-focused occasionally because the customer’s needs are changing or you need to move in a different direction to stay financially healthy.