Vision Development

WhiteboardThere are already sets of rules and expectations of what is considered normal behavior in your office now. Your current procedures and processes are set to maintain business as usual for good reasons. People come around these and settle in doing what the company has told them is acceptable. This got you to where you are. If this needs to change then you have to come up with a compelling reason why you are going to disrupt their lives.

Vision plays a key role in producing useful change by helping to direct, align, and inspire actions on the part of large numbers of people. Without an appropriate vision, a transformation effort can easily dissolve into a list of confusing, incompatible, and time-consuming projects that go in the wrong direction or nowhere at all.

Sensing the difficulty in producing change, some people try to manipulate events quietly behind the scenes and purposefully avoid any public discussion of future direction. But without a vision to guide decision-making, each and every choice people face will be left to chance as to whether it is going to push the business towards a better outcome. The vision development sessions will help you understand the difference between a vision statement and a mission statement. Develop a vision statement. Understand why values are important. Help you to start pulling key people around this statement so you can breathe life into it.